Free Manicure

Saturday, November 20, 2010
Yes ladies… I said free. Treating yourself to a manicure is always relaxing and your hands look great afterwards, but what if you don’t have the time or the funds for a manicure? Today was a perfect lazy Saturday and while Brendan (the boyfriend) was playing some Call of Duty on his X-Box I decided to occupy myself by giving myself a manicure. First step was to round up my supplies (nail polish, top coat, acrylic paints, q-tips, finger nail polish remover, bobby pin and towel).
I first painted my nails like normal a nice festive shade of red (mainly because I couldn’t find any other color but hey I’m calling it festive).
Yes I have swollen, chubby hands. I have my Dad to thank for that one. Anyways like the “festive red”? Next is my “manicure” tip…acrylic paint!
I picked out a few colors that I wanted to use to paint a design on my nails. My “paintbrush” is a bent bobby pin. I bend a bobby pin back and use the rounded end to paint on my nails.
I decided to paint flowers because to be honest they are one of the easiest designs to paint. I first dipped my bobby pin in the yellow paint to create the center of the flower. I then painted five white dots around the yellow. I decided that I would make the center of the flower black because the yellow didn’t stand out against the white.
I painted a few black dots for a little extra something something. The bobby pin makes it so easy to make dots. When I was finished Brendan was still playing Call of Duty so I added some polka-dots on my other nails.
I added a top coat and moved on to paint my right hand and since I’m right handed this is no easy task ha ha. Here is the finished product on the right hand.
Yes my right hand is chubby and swollen as well ha.
This is my flower on my right hand, I think it actually turned out better than the one on my left hand. Maybe I should start doing everything with my left hand? This is how you give yourself a free manicure.


*Andrea* said...

plz come do mine!!! I cant paint my right hand! they loook soo good!!! ;) and OMG girl...CALL OF DUTY on PS3 @ our house...but thank god taylor decided to bring the 2nd flatscreen from his bedroom downstairs..sooo now I my Greys/HGTV...and he plays PS3 on other TV and were in the same room!!! I swear BOYS! ;)

*Crystal* said...

following from relax ans surf sunday... love the bobby pin trick!

Jenglamgirl said...

So creative and cute. Love a detailed mani or pedi. Great job. I would love it if you added my craft party button to you other party list. THANKS Jen said...

Completely intrigued by your blog title so had to visit....from surf and relax sunday I am now your latest follower. I love your nails. I've got chubby hands and I'm going to try and copy your wonderful effort....I highly suspect I'll make a mess of it though what with failing eyesight and all!
PS I adore your dog

Lisa said...

How cute! Your idea to use a bobby pin is great! I need to try this : )

One Year of Christmas said...

aw so cute! and super neat!!

Nicole said...

Very pretty! I love your nails!!

Thanks for linking up too!

Creative Chaos @ Kidscreatefun said...

Too cute! Going to try this on little people! Blog hopping today! Visit me please.

Shannon said...

I've always wanted to try adding a little decor to my nails. Great tips!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Youe nails look great, girl!

Thanks SO much for linking up with Mani Monday!!


Amy @ At the Pink of Perfection said...

Oh man, I'm laughing so much, it totally sounds like my house! I'm usually painting my nails or blogging while my hubs plays COD!

Katherines Corner said...

I do this too!!! xo