Lean Mexican Burgers

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I can take no credit for this recipe, I give it all to Brendan. He whipped up this filling, healthy, appetizing burger for dinner and it was delightful. Brendan and I love to come up with recipes that are healthy and also satisfying and this burger fell in that category perfectly. 

Lean Mexican Burgers

-1 pound 96% lean ground beef
-1/4 cup fat free sour cream
-1/4 cup minced onion
-1/2 of a Serrano chili  pepper. minced
-1 1/2 teaspoon cumin
-3/4 teaspoon chili power
-Pinch of cayenne pepper (more or less depending if you like it spicy
-1 teaspoon minced garlic
-1/4 cup whole wheat bread crumbs
-1 egg
-Salt and Pepper
-low fat pepper jack cheese

Place beef in large mixing bowl, salt and pepper generously. Combine all other ingredients. Mix together but don't overwork your meat- you don't want it to get too tough. 

Form into desired burger patty size. Using your thumb, place a small divot on top of each patty to prevent swelling while they cook. 

Grill to desired temperature, top with pepper jack cheese & guacamole, serve and enjoy! 

Brendan's Homemade Guacamole:
-1/2 cup tomatoes, seeded and diced
-2 large Haas avocados
-1 teaspoon lime juice
-1/4 cup diced red onion
-1/2 of a Serrano chili pepper, diced

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Sarah B. said...

That looks sooooo good! But then again, I'm a sucker for anything with guacamole :)

Andrea @ Bubblewrapp'd said...

You guys can cook for me any time! Looks awesome!!!! And now, I'm already craving some Mexican flava at 8:45 am! Haha! :)

Mandy said...

These look delicious. Will definitely give them a try!

Jenn Erickson said...

Brendan's burgers and guac sound so delicious! I got back on the wagon with Weight Watchers this week, so these are the perfect recipes to keep my burger and Mexican food cravings in check!

Delighted to have linked-up next to you at Tickled Pink again!

Have a great weekend,
Jenn/Rook No. 17

Erin of HomeSavvyAtoZ.com said...

These burgers looooook scrumptious! I am happy to be a new follower and look forward to exploring your site further!

Stephanie said...

These look absolutely delicious! I think I will give them a try!

Jilly said...

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