#February Photo of the Day

Thursday, March 1, 2012
Wow- March already? I can't believe that February is over, but I think I say that after the end of every month. Anyways... I have completed another month of #photoaday on Instagram. Here are the prompts from February::

1. Your view today:: Tom's ballet flats I ordered
2. Words:: A print I saw on Pinterest I adore
3. Hands:: Brendan's hands and my hands
4. Stranger:: Nothing is "stranger" thank coming to work to find a burnt beamer in your parking lot
5. 10 am:: feet up on the couch after an early morning at the golf course.
6. Dinner:: A lean cusine, because it was one of those nights.
7. Buttons:: The DMV was really pushing my "buttons" that day. 
8. Sun:: A South Texas sunset. 
9. Front Door:: My front door.

 10. Self Portrait:: So artsy.
11. Makes Me Happy:: Whole wheat mac and cheese. 
12. Inside Your Closet:: Pretty exciting. 
13. Blue:: My eyes are blue. 
14. Heart:: Candy hearts. 
15. Phone. My work Phone.
16. Something new:: My new purse- from my Valentine.
17. Time:: Time travel. 
18. Drink:: A Large Diet Coke with extra ice.

19. Something You Hate To Do:: Get my nails done- love the results, but hate to sit there.
20. Handwriting:: Here is my handwriting. 
21. A Favorite Photo Of You:: One of my favorite photos of Carmelo and I.
22. Where You Work:: SilverHorn. 
23. Shoes:: My Tom's.
24. Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet:: Pretty bland. 
25. Green:: Melo loves green tennis balls. 
26. Night:: Love to un-wind at night with a good bottle of wine. 
27. Money:: My wallet with my money-  I rarely have cash on hand. 

28. Last One- Something You Are Listening To:: Beyonce- Love On Top

I'm linking up to The House of Smiths and Nest of Posies. Happy weekend to all of you! 


Lani @ Its My Life said...

Great pics!!!!

nest of posies said...

how fun is your month of pics! it's all so nice & neat. mine is so hodge podge...i need to work on it! LOL

thanks for sharing your month with all of us! happy weekend, sweet girl!


Beth @ dot...in the city said...

looks like a great month :)

thestimsonchronicles said...

Great pics! Carmelo is so handsome! Are the Toms ballet flats comfortable??? I have been dying to order the same ones :)
~Cameron {The Stimson Chronicles}

Leslie said...

Your pup is adorbs! And I love those shoes!!

Katherines Corner said...

love all of the photos. Sorry you had to go to the dmv :-( ugh zero on the fun meter xo

Kimberly Sneed said...

great pics! i ordered toms, don't have them, long...sad story. anyhoo, let's not dwell on that! i'd love to follow ya on IG...what's your handle? i'm @anighowlblog!


Sarah B. said...

Your closet is so organized (the shoes!) and I love your handwriting ;)

House of Smiths said...

Love all your pictures! But... what is up with that burnt car!? LOL... so weird right!?

Thanks for linking up to our party!
Oh! And your nails are FAB! I am a huge fan of french manicures :)

Lani @ Its My Life said...

All awesome photos as usual!