Share The Beauty Link Up #1- Hair Tools

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Welcome to the first Share The Beauty Link Up Parties! Make sure you grab a button at the bottom of this post and link up. I am also joined by my lovely co-hostess Leonora of Yellow Heart Art and Heather of Just Lovely Things. If you link up here you will appear linked up to their blogs as well. The Share The Beauty Party is like one giant slumber party where we all get together and share what beauty products work best for us and suggest it to one another. This week's theme is hair tools. So prepare a post of your favorite hair tools that you have to have and link up with us!

My Favorite Hair Tools::

Goody Color Match Bobby Pins- I almost always have my hair up and if it is down even then my bangs are down so bobby pins are a necessity for me. I know it may seem like a bobby pin is a bobby pin, but these ones are my favorite because they honestly do match my hair color the best, blend in the best and hold the best.

 Remington Fast Finish Paddle Brush- With my long and tangle-easy hair having a paddle brush is a must once I exit the shower.

Andis High Heat Ceramic 1" Flat Iron- I used to have a Chi and sadly it broke and so I needed a flat iron fast so I picked up this baby at Target before they carried Chis at Target and I've had her every since! The best part about this flat costs about $20!


Gimme Basics Long Thick Elastics- Since my hair is always up it is essential to have a good hair thing (I don't call them elastics or hair ties, it has been this way since I could have a pony tail). These puppies do the trick...not too tight and not too loose!  


Can't wait to see your favorite hair tools! Next Monday we will be posting all things hair health so follow along with Leonora, Heather and myself and remember to Share the Beauty! 


Beth @ the city said...

bobby pins, a straightener and elastics are my go-to hair tools :) fun linkup!

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! i have stashed the hair ties all over the place just in case i need one i can always find one!! LoL

Katherines Corner said...

Blow dryer is on the top of my list! Hope to see you at the Thursday linky party this week. xo

Карина said...

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