Share The Beauty #6

Sunday, April 15, 2012

This week we are talking makeup once again and more specifically- concealer, powder, liquid foundation, etc. 

It is so hard to find a liquid foundation that covers up minor blemishes, but doesn't make me look like I am wearing a mask. Does anyone else seem to have this issue? 

One foundation that I've really liked as far as it's ability to cover up blemishes, but also not sit heavy on my face is the Aveda Inner Light Moisture. Another great thing about this product is it has SPF 15. 

This next product I've found for my face is a new product and I really appreciate it's ability to neutralize my faces colors (hide the redness). 

This Almay Smart Shade Perfect and Correct Skin Primer not only hides the redness in my face, but also helps my makeup stay on longer.

Other than that I don't honestly put much else on my face. I try to put as little as possible on my face. I hate the feeling of cake face and I want my makeup to look as natural as possible. 

Now it is your turn! 

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Angie said...

I am going to try the Almay product. I linked up a video this week and I talk about my redness but you can't see how noticeable it truly is. Thanks for the share!