Introducing:: Greeting Cards

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Now in the shop... greeting cards! 

Take a peek and be on the look out for more cards and more colors coming soon! 

Introducing:: One Simple Place

Monday, March 26, 2012

One Simple Place is a beautiful etsy shop that specializes in beautiful prints and stunning photography. 

I adore this print. Wouldn't this be fantastic framed and placed in your master bedroom? 

This print would make a great gift for anyone, but I can picture this being such a fantastic gift for a teacher and what a unique gift it would be. 

Fantastic prints aren't they? It is hard to choose just one. As if picking a print wasn't hard enough One Simple Place also simply stunning original photos. 

You all are in lucky today because One Simple Place is offering The Elephant Trunk readers 25% off your total purchase with code TRUNK2

Where You Can Find One Simple Place:

Share The Beauty #3- Hair Products

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It is another week of Share the Beauty with Leonora, Heather and myself. This is the last week we are discussing anything to do with hair. If you are new to this link up we would love to have you participate (at the bottom of this post you will find details on just how to do so). 

This week's topic is hair products...

1. Shampoo/conditioner: Damage Remedy Reconstructing 

I love everything about this shampoo and conditioner, from the way  it makes my hair smell to the way it improves the health of my hair. I used to not care what shampoo or conditioner I wore and would just buy whatever product was on sale or the cheapest, but then my Mom showed me this product to me since my hair was badly damaged and I haven't looked back since. I also love the Aveda company and if you don't know much about the company I encourage you to take a moment to check it out, because they are a great company that does a lot for the environment. 


When I want that ultra sleek and straight look I love to apply this balm to my hair to give it that extra sexy shine! I just lather a dime size amount of this through my hair right before I am about to blow dry and it keeps away the frizz and brings on the shine.


Okay, so here comes my honesty 95% of the time I have my hair in a messy bun or pony tail and I usually hold back all those flyaway hairs with these magically headbands. See those squiggle lines on the headbands those are gels that help keep the headband on my head and that is why these are my favorites. I have to have a headband with a gripper otherwise it will just fly off my head. This print by my girl Leonora is perfect for me...

Now it is your turn to link up your hair products and here is how: 

-Create a post on your blog that outlines your favorite products for hair products (Shampoo, conditioner, de-frizzer, hair syrum, hair accessories, styling products etc...).
-Add a Share The Beauty Button to your post. 
-Come back here and link up the specific post here (not your main blog).
-Share the love and the beauty, by visiting a few other links that have linked up. 

Next Monday April 2nd we will be continuing to Share The Beauty by moving to Face Care (face wash, moisturizer, make up remover, etc...). We hope to see you back for that! 


Dinning Room Makeover

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
I love furniture that you can take a peek at and instantly see a way to breath new life into. That's how I felt about this dinning room set we received from Brendan's parents. At first glance this set isn't all that bad. I just did not believe that it's country theme would fit in our house. So I began to go to work on fixing the table and chairs to better flow with the interior decor of our house.

My first step to the reconstruction and remodeling of this dinning room set was to figure out a way to get rid of the rod ironing details on both the tables and chairs. My thoughts were to cover them up with upholstery or even wood, but then I realized that the rod iron was easily removable by a screwdriver.

A few screws removed and the rod iron was out! 

I want to first start off by saying that I am in no way a professional at this and hardly an amateur, I have just refinished a few pieces of furniture in my day and each time I make up the process as I go along. If I were you I would advise looking up a detailed tutorial or you can do as you like and make up your own method as I have done.

I started off by simply striping off the top layer of stain and sealer on the table with my mouse sander. Before stripping off the top layer of sealer on the chairs Brendan removed each seat cover on the chairs. After all the sanding had been completed I lightly washed off all the dust from the furniture. To stain and finish the dinning room set I used Miniwax's PolyShades Stain and Polyurethane in the shade of ebony. While the furniture was drying Brendan and I got to work on reupholstering the chairs. I bought my fabric from JoAnn's and I purchased thicker fabric because we left on the original plaid fabric and simply covered them up using the new fabric. I won't even begin to describe how we reupholstered these chairs because it was a circus show, but hey they turned out and that's all I was really going for. 

Here is the final product...

I'm linking up to these great parties.

Gathered Thoughts

Monday, March 19, 2012

There is beauty in youth, because youth is unable to see the evil of life. A child first looks for the beauty and a child never stops to see past the beauty to look for the ugly. For those who continue to seek the beauty in everyday life... they will continue to stay youthful at heart. 

Happiness is never a sign that someone is... naive it is a sign that someone is alive. Continue to be happy, continue to seek the beauty and I can promise you that you will continue to stay youthful. 

Linking up to The Gathered Thoughts Link Party-- thanks to an invitation by Chrissy of Hoot Designs

Share The Beauty Link Up #2- Hair Health

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Welcome back to Share the Beauty party. Last week we shared our favorite hair tools and I loved this post from Teal Honey where Carolin highlighted her CHI flat iron. 

We are now in week two and I hope you join Leonora, Heather and myself in linking up your must haves for hair health. 

1. My first hair health must have isn't really an item or something you can buy- it is really more of a suggestion. Don't over wash your hair, I'm serious. Ever since I stopped shampooing my hair on a daily basis I've notice far less split ends and overall much healthier hair. 

I am a little crazy about hair spray, but hair spray is a very sensitive subject. You need to find a hair spray that holds but doesn't create helmet hair and sometimes that is a bit tough... that was until I found this glorious hair spray. This hair spray has changed my life! 

3. Thermal Treatment: CHI Infra Treatment 

I try hard to never blow dry and straighten my hair in one day, but sometimes it has to happen and that's why I depend on the CHI treatment. CHI treatment is great for protecting my hair against the harsh effects of heat on my hair. 

What do you use to keep your hair in tip top shape? Link up with us and tell us. 

Here is how: 

-Create a post on your blog that outlines your favorite products for hair health (Shampoo, conditioner, de-frizzer, hair syrum, etc...).
-Add a Share The Beauty Button to your post. 
-Come back here and link up the specific post here (not your main blog).
-Share the love and the beauty, by visiting a few other links that have linked up. 

Happy Friday

Thursday, March 15, 2012
I'm on cloud 9 lately and it has a lot to do with the fact that I no longer have a boyfriend... I now have a fiance (that word is even weird to type it is so new). Here are some Instagram photos from the last couple weeks. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

Scallop Nails

Brendan and I rolling in my Mom's car in Phoenix. 

I'm not sure what that look is... but I don't think I like it.

My 2 favorite guys... B and my Dad.

Metallic tones for inspiration.

Brendan popped the question a couple of weeks ago, but that story is for another day. 

Carmelo doesn't really care if he is sleeping on my sweatshirt or not.

My future MIL and I. 

Happy weekend everyone! 

life rearranged

Special Event Style Beauty

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Thanks to Walgreens for underwriting this post. I was paid as a member of the Clever Girls Collective, but the content is all mine. Visit

I've been using Walgreens to help me get ready for special events since I went to my seventh grade sock hop. That gymnasium floor may not have been a red carpet, but that night it sure felt like one to me so it was important that I was red carpet ready and I went to Walgreens to collect the beauty supplies to get ready--as I still do today. 

At the beginning of this month I attended the American Heart Association's Heart Ball a black tie event hosted to raise money for the AHA. I love getting all dolled up every now and then, because honestly most of the time I'm in sweats and a pony tail. I went to Walgreens to pick up a few essential beauty items to pull off my look for the evening. 

Maybelline Expert Lash Falsh Eyelashes:: These are my go to for when I want to take my lashes from voom to va-voom! These are easy to apply and they don't look un-natural. 

Essie Nail Color- Over the Edge:: For those who know me you are probably not surprise to find a nail polish listed here. I adore the color selections provided by Essie and this color just was perfect for a black tie affair.

Milani Tantastic Face and Body Baked Bronzer Powder:: I love how this bronzer provides the perfect hint of tan, but also a fantastic bit of sparkle at the same time without over taking your face. 

Almay Intense i-Color Smoky-i kit:: What's a special event without smokey eyes? Almay makes it easy to perfect the stunning smokey eye by catering to your particular eye color. 

Thanks to Walgreens I think everything came together quite nicely (bracelet by Twilly Pop). 

Share The Beauty Link Up #1- Hair Tools

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Welcome to the first Share The Beauty Link Up Parties! Make sure you grab a button at the bottom of this post and link up. I am also joined by my lovely co-hostess Leonora of Yellow Heart Art and Heather of Just Lovely Things. If you link up here you will appear linked up to their blogs as well. The Share The Beauty Party is like one giant slumber party where we all get together and share what beauty products work best for us and suggest it to one another. This week's theme is hair tools. So prepare a post of your favorite hair tools that you have to have and link up with us!

My Favorite Hair Tools::

Goody Color Match Bobby Pins- I almost always have my hair up and if it is down even then my bangs are down so bobby pins are a necessity for me. I know it may seem like a bobby pin is a bobby pin, but these ones are my favorite because they honestly do match my hair color the best, blend in the best and hold the best.

 Remington Fast Finish Paddle Brush- With my long and tangle-easy hair having a paddle brush is a must once I exit the shower.

Andis High Heat Ceramic 1" Flat Iron- I used to have a Chi and sadly it broke and so I needed a flat iron fast so I picked up this baby at Target before they carried Chis at Target and I've had her every since! The best part about this flat costs about $20!


Gimme Basics Long Thick Elastics- Since my hair is always up it is essential to have a good hair thing (I don't call them elastics or hair ties, it has been this way since I could have a pony tail). These puppies do the trick...not too tight and not too loose!  


Can't wait to see your favorite hair tools! Next Monday we will be posting all things hair health so follow along with Leonora, Heather and myself and remember to Share the Beauty!