Sunday Night Pinterest Round Up

Sunday, September 30, 2012
I just love pinning- I really do. Brendan likes to say that I'm "pinning my life away". Little does he know I think I've raised my IQ 6-7.8 points since I started pinning. Here is a round up of some of my favorite pins from this week...

12 tips to get noticed - from a Magazine Editor re: blogs, businesses, products, services, etc

One Pot Turkey Spaghetti, Gluten-free

No-Fry Fries: Recipes:

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FamAlert! For FREE!

Friday, September 28, 2012

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Birthday Weekend

Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Last weekend was my birthday weekend and it was also wedding weekend for a good friend. The wedding was in Denver so it meant I got to spend my birthday with my family. Here are some photos from the weekend. 

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A Wedding Story:: Stacia

Friday, September 21, 2012

Simon and I met about a little over 3 years ago at a non-profit networking reception.  We got engaged about a year and a half later  (he proposed at 2:30am after we got home from a friend's party.  We were up late talking and it just happened!!!)

With the wedding planning, we wanted something that was very clean, modern, and soft.  Basically, we didn’t want big and over-the-top.  Our main priority was for it to be a good party and everyone have a good time!  With that in mind, we added fun details such as the photobooth and the wedding speech bingo.  We also wanted something that reflected us as a couple, which included everything from me wearing ballet slippers during the reception to having our first dance be a Bruce Springsteen song (we both love Springsteen!) and incorporating my Jewish heritage and Simon’s Scottish heritage.    

One of our biggest priorities was the wedding itself.  We lucked out and had an amazing minister and rabbi who walked us through the process.  Simon and I spent hours going over what was important to us and finding the right vows, readings, and ceremony elements that would reflect us as a couple.  We really personalized the readings for the wedding—we did both “A Red Red Rose” by Robert Burns, the national poet of Scotland and then had our kettubah (the Jewish marriage document) read aloud. Designing our ceremony was an amazing part of the planning process and I would recommend it to any bride.  It made it that much more special and something that was just “ours”.  It wasn’t an easy or short process but our ceremony was definitely “us” and I can’t imagine it any other way.

As far as attire goes...Simon's kilt was a no-brainer.  Simon was born on Bermuda and grew up there and in the UK, including going to boarding school in Scotland.  His very proud of his Scottish heritage and he wanted our wedding to reflect that.  His father and brother also wore kilts to display their heritage.  For all of the men in the wedding party, we did heather and thistle boutonnieres, which are the national flowers of Scotland. For me and my bridesmaids, I really just wanted to be comfortable.  I wanted us all to be able to dance, eat and breathe!!! I lucked out with my dress.  I bought with Brides Against Breast Cancer, a non-profit that sells wedding dresses to help fund breast cancer research.  It was perfect.  

The day itself was just amazing.  I spent the day the bridal suite with my bridesmaid---my family rotated in and out all day.  It was super low key and I loved it.  I did get antsy around 2:30 and texted Simon that I was done waiting and we needed to get married now.  I guess being impatient is better than getting cold feet!!!

I had two favorite moments of that was after the ceremony and when the pictures were done, Simon & I had 15 minutes alone in the suite.  We sat on the couch, kicked our shoes off and he had a beer while I ate salt and vinegar potato chips (my favorite!)  It was so fantastic that even in the middle of the insanity that is a wedding, we were still "us."  

The other great moment was the hora (traditional Jewish folk dance).  I had such a great time dancing with everyone.  We did our hora immediately after the father/daughter then mother/son dances, so everyone immediately jumped on the dance floor. Being up on the chair with Simon was fantastic—I just remember being so incredibly happy and that’s when being married became a reality. The best part of all of it was that we didn’t tell his parents (who are not Jewish) about the tradition of lifting both the parents of the bride AND the parents of the groom in the chairs—the look on his parents’ faces were priceless!  They looked like they were having so much fun. 
So that's it.  That's our wedding in a nutshell!  

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A Wedding Story:: Kassi from Truly Lovely

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello there lovelies!!! Kassi of Truly Lovely here with my wedding story! Congrats to Lauren and Brendan! Can't wait to hear all about YOUR big day!!! My husband and I were married on July 9, 2011 in a small town in Southeastern Arizona. Only a few miles from where I grew up in New Mexico. Our rehearsal dinner was completely rained out... We decorated the country club where the reception was to be held and then even rehearsed inside in the hallway because it was raining so hard outside....


The morning of my wedding day it was pouring! I was so nervous it would end up raining out the ceremony... It rained right up until we were all ready to start taking photos... and it stopped. I've always heard that rain on your wedding day is lucky, but I like to think it was especially lucky in our case since it rained, but stopped just in time! We chose to do first look photos beforehand... Our photographer found this amazing field nearby and I distinctly remember walking down the hill towards my soon to be husband and seeing him standing there with his back towards me... I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned to me with this HUGE smile... Priceless.

We had a large-ish wedding party. Six attendants each... But it was one of those things where the six we each chose were the perfect people to stand there with us while we were married. My advice on choosing attendants? Choose your closest friends. Friends that have been an important part of your life, but will always be an important part. I've had friends who regretted who they chose later on... Don't let that be you. Pick your closest friends and loved ones. NO matter the number.


 I chose my six best friends to be my bridesmaids. I have a lot of great friends, but these six have been the closest to me throughout my life. They still are... My sister was my maid of honor... then I had a friend that I grew up down the street from, one that the hubs grew up close to, but that I met and became best friends with in college and three from different times throughout college... one of which lives in my neighborhood now and is engaged to the hub's best man. ;)


Pink and turquoise with accents of black were our colors. I chose pink and turquoise because I love bright, fun colors. Black tied everything together. We had fake flowers for our bouquets and centerpieces... I chose fake because they were easy to put together before hand and where we were married is sort of off the beaten path... It would have been a huge issue to try to get real ones there alive!

All I can think of that I could have done without is the STRESS leading up to the day... Now don't get me wrong, wedding planning itself can be stressful, but I really wasn't stressed until the month that our wedding was SUPPOSED to be... And the Wallow Fire (the largest fire in AZ state history) burned ALL around our wedding location... We ended up having to postpone our wedding a few weeks. That was the MOST stressful week of my life... the week we decided to postpone. But when it came down to it, I just made the conscious decision to be calm and I was. :)


My best bit of advice for brides to be, make the conscious decision to ENJOY the day. The day of if something goes wrong, there's not a whole lot you can do about it. Put someone in charge of the day itself. I had my good friend from high school be my sort of 'day of coordinator'. She had a list of things that needed to get done... she was in charge of getting people where they needed to be and I didn't have to worry about anything like that. Plus the stress wasn't put on my family or bridesmaids to do it either... Just buy whoever you chose a really nice gift. ;)


 Again, my best wishes to the lovely Lauren and her hubs to be. May you have the wedding day AND most importantly the marriage of your dreams! Thanks for letting me share MY day with you all! Hope you'll stop by Truly Lovely sometime and say hello!

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A Wedding Story:: Caroline of Sew Caroline

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hi beautiful friends! My name is Caroline and I blog about my life as a (somewhat) newlywed, my love for sewing, and living a creative life over at Sew Caroline. Lauren asked me to write about my wedding and, obviously, I couldn't say no! My wedding day was seriously the greatest day of my life!

David and I met in college and were married a year and few months after we graduated. He is the most amazing man and puts up with all of my shenanigans. We recently had our first child... a labrador retriever (hehe!) Her name is Sammie and we are seriously in love.

Here are some photos and glimpses into our wedding day! (sorry I couldn't narrow them down.... ha!)

(one of my MOST FAVORITE moments was before the ceremony, my bridesmaids and I played a few rounds of catch phrase to calm nerves & kill time. We were laughing our heads off and seriously had the greatest time!)
all photo credit to The Life You Love Photography.

Our wedding day was WITHOUT A DOUBT my most favorite day of my life. I was surrounded by my best friends we laughed, we cried, and I married the man of my dreams. WHAT a celebration it was!

Oh, and we honeymooned in Colorado, and you can read about that HERE!

Thanks for having me, Lauren! Y'all can come visit me any time! :)

If you would like to share your own wedding story here please e-mail me at elephantstrunk42 @ gmail dot com