ATTENTION: Wedding Vendors

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Planning a wedding has taught me a lot about what I look for in a wedding vendor. I've had a lot of success searching for wedding vendors online as well as a lot of failures. There are many simple ideas that wedding vendors can do to create an easy experience for customers and potential customers. In no way to I consider myself an expert in this category but I do believe this information could benefit wedding vendors.

1. List all your social media links on your website. When I first visit the website the first thing I do is look for your social media links. I want to go directly to your Facebook even before browsing around your website. Chances are there are more up to date photos I can find on your Facebook then on your website. If I can't find your Facebook easily it becomes frustrating and many times I loose interest looking for much else. This also goes for your Twitter and Pinterest accounts. I want to look at your Twitter so I can follow along with you and the most current information from your company. I want to look at your Pinterest because I want to get a sense of your style. Do our styles mesh? Social media allows me to see behind the scenes of your business.

2. Display your contact information on the home page. Call it lazy but when I have to search for how to contact you through other pages other than your home page my patience starts to dwindle. I personally hate the contact forms on websites, I get the convenience for vendors but I just want to shoot you an e-mail from my personal inbox and write what I want/need to say. I don't want to fill out scripted forms and fill out word verification prompts.

3. Update your website. Simple enough: add curent pictures, add current prices, add current contact information and so forth. It sometimes takes a little time and patience to make sure your website is up to date but it can make all the difference in gathering future customers.

4. Be active on the social media networks. I love following potential wedding vendors and my wedding vendors on all of their social media outlets. I get to see their current work, ideas and interactions. This gets me excited about who they are as a wedding vendor and what I can expect on my big day. I have a hard time trusting a wedding vendor who is inactive on social media. Are they up to date with the trends?

5. The last tip isn't really a direct suggestion for wedding vendors but more a plea. Make quick responses a priority. I've been constantly frustrated with wedding vendors who have taken weeks to get back to me. I understand being busy...don't we all? All it takes is a simple e-mail just to acknowledge you've received a bride's shout out. The e-mail just needs to state when a bride can expect to hear back from you.

Once again I am not an expert I'm just a bride-to-be with a few suggestions.


Jenipher Lyn said...

Hey lady!
Jenipher from Nightly Doodles here!
Does this count for stationary too? I've been working on a TON of bridesmaid cards and some wedding invitations lately! Do i need a different site for these types of things you think?

Zoƫ said...

You are so right with these. You may end up missing great vendors because they don't have the most updated and interesting information available on their site. Most frustrating is those vendors who don't get back to you. If you don't reply to my e-mail, I can't count on you to be reliable on my big day!

Tia Brumbelow said...

Totally agree! I had some of the same issues when we were planning our wedding :) I hope all is well with you!