The day of the wedding is the most dreamed of all. Every detail is meticulous and taken care of by the bride and as hostess she always wants to offer the best, looking impeccably beautiful. What all the guests are going to see is your happiness when you walk to the altar and that beautiful smile that reflects it, that’s why you have to rely on Tijuana cosmetic dentistry to be more beautiful that day.

The dress, hairstyle, shoes and makeup are part of the bridal look for that important day, my great advice is that the makeup is natural and bright so that you highlight your features and correct your imperfections. In this way, you will enhance your beauty and respect your style and personality. It is very important that you take into account the color of the dress, the time of the ceremony, the flowers and accessories when choosing the tones of your makeup.

These tips will help you look spectacular that day:

Clear skin. If your skin is irritated very easy you should choose bases with beige shades and correctors with yellow tones, not pink.

Shadows. Choose shades of champagne, gold, or cold as plum color and lilac and pink shades. Perfect to bring color.

If your wedding is day: avoid black eyeliner in the lower eyelid, as it gives a stronger look. Put black or brown eyeliner on the upper eyelid.

Choose soft shades for your blush, blush or rouge. Pearly colors are a good choice, they give flashes of light on your cheeks and cheekbones.

The pink lipstick is a good option and always works for a natural and bright makeup, but if you prefer strong makeup I recommend fuchsia or red.

Pedicure: if your shoes will be open it is better that your feet and toes be more than clean and cared for, you will need to see them to be perfect.