Deep down, whether we like it or not, we are something like jungle animals living in cities. There are innumerable tests that endorse it. And, among them, one is particularly evident: what we commonly call stress. if you think you have a very stressful life then you need to acquire condos for sale in Rosarito the most peaceful place in Mexico.

Think of something that worries you. It does not need to be something especially threatening to your life: it is enough that it is an important test, a talk that you have to give in public, an imminent move or work meeting. It is very possible that one of these situations will cause an acceleration of the pulse, make it breathe more quickly and even make it difficult for you to sleep. At a more unconscious level, surely, it will also be dilating your pupils, cause your liver to release glucose, hindering digestion, and tense your muscles.

What is happening? Why does your body organize such a response by a mere test or a simple conference? Because he reacts as if his life were in danger. As if an animal attacked him in the jungle. And he does everything in his power (he increases his attention, he increases his energy) as long as he does not perish.

The term ‘stress’ comes from physics, from the pressure that one body exerts on another. But at the biological level it is also known as the ‘fight or flight reaction’. The body prepares itself, according to the situation and its own temperament, to face the danger or get away from it more quickly. It’s a most profitable reaction: you want to have the maximum chance of escaping the threat alive. But there is a problem: we are smart.

As our brain grew enough to have imagination, we do not need that danger manifests itself. Just think about him. And if we do it excessively or for too long (something that is not unusual: 25% of Americans suffered this type of high stress, called ‘toxic’, last year), the benefits (creativity, oxygenation or reinforcement of memories) they become harm.

The symptoms of chronic stress can vary greatly from person to person. Not only is there more and less stressful events and more and less vulnerable individuals, but if someone has a physical job, stress is more likely to appear in the form of contractures, but if you make important decisions, it will be accompanied by anxiety. And this can be shown in different ways: with headaches, digestive, respiratory, sexual or skin alterations, depending on each case