Alpaca sweaters for men and women have crushed the fashion scene. Not only are alpaca ethically farmed thus falling in favor with conservationists, but top fashion brands like Gucci and Armani use alpaca clothing in their fall and winter lines for their much anticipated seasonal attire. But why must alpaca sweaters be reserved for those colder traditional times of the year?

The best Peruvian alpaca sweaters you can buy are made to breathe extremely well and offer a perfect fit all year long. The best part is, because they allow for better circulation than lamb’s wool, Peruvian alpaca sweaters can be worn comfortably on summer evenings. If you are interested in updating your summer wardrobe with a desire to look your best for those evenings out on the town, here are four different types of alpaca sweaters (well, number four is socks) for women and men that fit any style.

1. Baby Alpaca Sweaters for Women, Wait these are Jackets!

When shopping for women’s alpaca sweaters you can stray off the traditional patch and buy a stylish alpaca jacket. Alpaca sweater companies like Invisible World sell beautiful alpaca jackets like the Heliotrope–a baby alpaca jacket in an elegant vine design. The back, white and gray fine-gauge baby alpaca yarn is lightweight and ideal for summer evenings. It offers a classy formal look but can also play well in casual events. Whether you are having a picnic on the blanket at an outdoor concert, or you are attending a prestigious fundraiser, thigh-length alpaca jackets can complement the look you are going for while keeping you comfortable and looking amazing in summer evenings.

2. Pullover Alpaca Sweaters for Men

Pullover sweaters are a classic style that can be worn on any occasion. And if you want to look sophisticated for that summer evening party at the harbor yacht club, or playfully express yourself on the line of casual and classy for your date with that special women, wearing a pullover alpaca sweater can offer both looks, and more. These men;s alpaca sweaters come in a number of colors and patterns. Fine alpaca sweater retailers provide lightweight pullovers made from Peruvian alpaca fiber that garners total comfort for tepic evenings. When buying your pullover alpaca sweater consider colors that compliment your eyes, hair color and complexion.

3. Cardigan Alpaca Sweaters for Men

You likely have a number of turtlenecks and cozy crew neck sweaters, but nothing compares to a high-quality cardigan alpaca sweater for men who love attire made with retro inspiration to offer a modern, sleek look. Invisible World offers the Adam–a cardigan alpaca sweater combining gray pinstripes that move up to the lapel and polo collar. A stylish metal zipper stops at the bottom of the lapel to create a V-neck with edges offering contrasting piping. This alpaca sweater is ideal for summer evening strolls, a night out at the game, or to wear to evening art shows with your special lady to offer a stylish yet casual semblance of forward-thinking fashion.

4. Alpaca Socks for Men and Women

Okay, so we may not be talking about sweaters here, but alpaca socks feel like billowy clouds are embracing your feet, and this is something men and women alike love in summer and winter months. Typically, our feet are the first body parts to get cold. You can get alpaca socks that are extra thick if you tend to get colder than most or if you have circulation challenges. You can also get alpaca socks that are a tad lighter with an acrylic blend. The best part about alpaca socks, aside from being the most comfortable socks in the world, is they are odor free!

Buy Alpaca Sweaters and Look Amazing this Summer

Alpaca sweaters don’t need to be forgotten in the closet until first snowfall. Today’s fine retailers of Peruvian alpaca sweaters source the highest quality fibers to make lightweight, cozy stylish cardigans, jackets and pullovers ideal for summer evenings and early morning strolls. Shop alpaca sweaters today and find your style!