How To Be More Sexy

What makes an attractive woman?
A woman can be attractive for a thousand reasons, but all lead to the same goal: stand out and be feminine. Be it physically, emotionally or intellectually, it is about having what makes us different from the rest and showing off our gender. if you want to be prettier but your body does not allow it you can get a mommy makeover Tijuana.

Without getting to generalize, there are certain features that draw more attention in a woman and that exercise, makeup or learning to take advantage of them can bring us many benefits. Look at them below.

The eyes
I have many friends who say they look in the eyes of women. It does not matter if they are colored, torn, large or bright, the thing is that they reflect something that makes them unique. Take care that your eyelashes are healthy and abundant.

You can help with makeup to highlight even more the features of your eyes, with eyeliner, some shadows and mascara.

The white part of the eye called sclerotic must be white, not red or yellowish.

The lips
A marked and fleshy lips are undoubtedly a sexy feature in a woman. Get to show off with a healthy mouth, free of pellejitos, dryness. Use lip balms to care for the skin of your lips.

With a touch of makeup you can beautify them; For example, the well-applied gloss or lip gloss increases the size of your lips.

The figure
This is a delicate subject, since we have been sold the idea that very thin bodies are the ideals of beauty. However, from the mouths of most men, what they are looking for is a female figure, that is, with curves.

Whether delicate or prominent, since ancient times women with an hourglass silhouette is considered sexy because it is associated with fertility, so if you have a waist narrower than the torso or hip, consider yourself lucky.

The hair
Despite the fact that fashion imposes various cuts that look very modern and daring, without a doubt the average man prefers long and abundant hair, perhaps because this is much more feminine than an avant-garde cut.

Believe me that I like to play with my hair, I have been told many times.