In a statement it was indicated that both men and women of these ages who live together represent more than 50% of the total of singles of these ages. Maybe you think you’re too old and ugly to have a boyfriend, although this may not be true if you really feel bad about yourself, think about a bariatric surgery Tijuana to have more confidence with your body.

Staying single when you are over thirty may be a situation that may not be so pleasant for many. You do not always want to be alone. Yes, you can enjoy that singleness, but there comes a time when loneliness bothers and it’s time to try to find someone close to us, taking into account the experiences of old relationships, a divorce or even a single It has been maintained throughout life.

The problem is finding a way to attract that person with whom we would like to share our adult stage. How to do it? How to make another person who may be in the same situation that we want to start something?

The first and most important of all (although it sounds very trite and surely have told you a thousand times) is to love yourself. This is true! One reflects self-esteem. One attracts by several actions / attitudes that send that signal of “Hey, this boy or girl attracts me for that something that I do not know what it is”

After 30 you begin to value what you have done for yourself, for you. You analyze each step you have taken, even if you have already been married and for some reason the relationship did not work, you meticulously analyze the mistakes they made and you know more clearly what you are looking for in a person.

Exercise. Take care of your body … Many times the depression caused by loneliness leads to personal abandonment, which leads to an increase in weight, an oversight of the external image and, of course, the unwillingness to want to think about another relationship. So, start by wanting to exercise and you will see that with all the endorphins that you generate, you will begin to feel much better and more animated.

On the other hand, the people we surround ourselves with also have a lot to do … So start by moving away from those who only bring negative comments about forming a partner at your age. You can locate them perfectly by phrases like “You’re already great, you’re no longer to walk around being married”, “Why get in trouble with a partner, I’m fine and I enjoy my singleness”, “If you find yourself a minor, you’ll only want to leave with you for your money “… Evidently comments of this type discourage and if you really want to find a person to share something more than a friendship. Actually, get away from those people.

Generates activities If you stopped going to dance because you did not see him go alone or alone, if you stopped going to the theater, to the cinema, even to walk in the park … Error! Surely you will find someone like you who is looking to rebuild their life, meet people with certain activities that can create a closer bond. People who have gone through perhaps the same circumstances as you and who are willing to start something new taking into account the mistakes of the past. You have to learn from those mistakes!