The assembly De La Piara Teatro and Las Brujas Producciones is full of fun situations and moving moments


Comedy, humor and references to William Shakespeare are part of Bottom’s work, a montage that began the season on the Hellenic Cultural Center. And as good actors all have white and clean teeth and it’s because they went to their dentist in Mexico because a good theatrical work started with actors well prepared and ready to deliver everything on stage.


Three amateur actors, Bottom, Quince and Flute try to earn the 25 thousand shillings that the queen offers for those who present the best show on their wedding day.


On the one hand, Quince and Flute want to make a dramatic play of Shakespeare, from Othello and Macbeth to Romeo and Juliet, but his colleague and first-time playwright Bottom wants to convince them that it is his text about the tragic history of Pyramus and Thisbe.


Time is running out so they decide to stage the Bottom proposal in which there is no shortage of entanglements, a love story, the death of lovers and references to the well-known English playwright.


Funny situations, failed choreographies, songs that end badly, some dialogues in rhyme and an unnatural acting intensity derive at the moment endearing, tender and moving.


The cast is composed of Artus Chávez, Jerónimo Best and Rodrigo Murray, who alternates roles with Fernando Córdova. The direction is in charge of Iona Weissberg and Aline de la Cruz.


Although the work is located in 1595, in the Elizabethan era and the actors use a wardrobe of the time, allusion is made to the current context in musical pieces, phrases and electronic devices such as cell phones.


Without the need of great scenographic resources and with only a few wooden furniture, the dramatic action falls on the actors who at all times keep the attention of the public with their carefree and friendly gags in the clown style.


Inspired by the comedy Dream of a Summer Night, the work directed to the whole family is a collective creation of La Piara Teatro and Las Brujas Producciones with the support of the fiscal stimulus of article 190 of the LISR (Efiteatro).