Although the images of love and joy abound in stores, television screens and the pages of magazines, for many people, the Christmas holidays are not so happy. In addition to the stressful closures at the end of the year, the dysfunction of the family or its loss, poor diet and drinking habits, the increasingly dark and cold winter days, apparently it is smooth not to feel that this time can be happy and prosperous.

If you’re going to host the Christmas Eve dinner, you can get creative. An event for many people is an extraordinary expense, and that is not to mention the hours you spend in the kitchen. To avoid both, what do you think if you ask each guest to bring something, either individually or by family? So everyone will do their bit, and there will be more variety, even more, fun because they can discover the chef they have inside.

On the other hand, being the host will require taking care of some details, such as the decoration of your house and the table. And to do so, you can find some tutorials on the internet on how to make centerpieces and decorations yourself, which will be more personal and less expensive than the decorations they already sell. Remember that every peso counts and the decorations can make the difference between respecting your budget or exceeding you.

The previous steps will be useless if you use that money in something you do not need, however tempting this may be. Better, save it as savings or used in something you need as dental implants Tijuana Mexico and in this way you can enjoy these holidays better.

The constant reminders of the happiness of others in these times become a painful reminder of the love and joy that is missing in our lives. For this reason, the month of December can become especially difficult for those who have family conflicts, losses, breakups, divorces, loneliness, and mental health problems.

Feelings of depression and a negative state of mind can affect many people at parties and not just those who have been diagnosed with clinical depression. Although there is no information to suggest a proven increase in depression and suicide rates in December, and besides, some studies indicate that depression and suicide increase in the spring, some experts believe that Christmas depression is a genuine phenomenon. And of course, there is much evidence to suggest that this is the case.

Here are some of the risk factors that cause Christmas depression, and how to avoid them:

Set unrealistic expectations.
When you expect a perfect white postcard Christmas, you may only find frustration and potential symptoms for depression.